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School of Arts
Land Area
5037 sq. m.
Built-up Area
1100 sq. m.
Area of Coatings
2811 sq. m.
Gardening Area
1125 sq. m.
Total Area
1436 sq. m.
School of Arts
The composition of the premises and their area are accepted in accordance with the design assignment prepared by the Municipal Department of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova «Pivovarovskaya School Information Center».
According to the assignment, the total area of ​​the main study rooms for accounting of corridors, staircases, halls and hallways is about 800 m. In view of all
The total area of ​​the auxiliary premises is about 1430 m2. The school consists of 3 blocks: an entrance hall in the center with a front open staircase,
a two-storey educational block, a concert hall with a height of 10 meters.

The construction of the building of the children’s art school is envisaged in the form of a frame (metal, reinforced concrete). External enclosing structures (walls) —
multi-layer: autoclaved aerated concrete, mineral insulation, ventilated facade with the use of composite materials. Overlapping —
monolithic reinforced concrete. Partitions-acoustic systems Knauf. Roof flat combined. Windows-PVC, stained-glass windows-aluminum rack-
crossbar system. Technical rooms are located in the technical underground under the training block.

Provision of parking spaces is about 40.