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Silver Mall
Year of Construction
Total Area
105 000 sq.m.
LLC "Integral Development"
V.A. Andreev (Chief Architect), E.N. Arutyunyan, D.V. Skomorokhov E.S. Zaika, M.E. Bychkov, L.P. Samodaeva, P.N. Posokhov, N.B. Cherepanova, E.V. Semenova, M.M. Chernousov
Interior Design
Air Design (UK)
Silver Mall
"SILVERMALL" is the largest shopping and entertainment center in Eastern Siberia.
Leaders of the world market of commercial real estate - the Canadian development company Colliers International Group and the leading British studio AirDesign - were involved in the project implementation.
High-quality materials, super modern interior, advanced innovative technologies, as well as a high level of comfort and safety - all this today is present on the area of ​​108.6 thousand square meters of the shopping and entertainment center. At the disposal of the guests and residents of the capital of the Angara region Silver Mall offers a wide range of goods of Russian and foreign brands, as well as a multifunctional entertainment zone and the largest underground parking lot in the region, with a total capacity of 640 seats, equipped with a modern navigation system. The total number of parking spaces for the mall is almost 1200 cars.
A large number of local, Russian and foreign retailers located on the four floors of the SilverMall shopping and entertainment center. In total, the leasable area of ​​the center is 53.4 thousand square meters. During the design process, maximum attention was paid to the issues of compliance with the standards of comfort and safety. As a result, today the SEC, capable of accommodating up to 35 thousand people at the same time, is equipped with the most up-to-date information systems, which make it easy to navigate the large area of ​​the complex. On each floor there is a sufficient number of high-speed escalators, passenger conveyors and elevators. In addition, there is a state-of-the-art Clint ventilation and air-conditioning system, which has no analogues in Irkutsk, as well as a reliable fire-fighting system and a video surveillance system. Management of all these complexes is carried out in an automatic mode and guarantees the comfort and safety of all visitors to the center. An innovative approach to the construction of a shopping and entertainment center and the specificity of zoning space, where free transit zones, as well as recreation and entertainment facilities, occupy an area comparable in size to retail space. It corresponds to the leading world standards of commercial real estate of premium class and the ceiling height and width of passages between rows, as well as the most modern infrastructural filling of the complex. All this makes it attractive to the world's leading retailers.