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Modnyy Kvartal
Year of Construction
Total Area
38 700 sq.m.
Floor Height
3.95 m.
Shopping Mall Area
19 350 sq.m.
Parking Lots
ThyssenKrupp noiseless elevators
Silent Escalators
Automated ducting and air conditioning system
Interior Design
LLC "Bureau of Architectural Solutions Tiguntsev A."
Modnyy Kvartal
The shopping center "Modnyy Kvartal" is located at the junction of the main traffic junctions, in the heart of Irkutsk, on the territory of the project "130 quarter", which is a restored historical construction area of ​​the XVIII century, an open-air museum. The district forms a zone with promenades along which there are original ancient manors and unique monuments of wooden architecture. In the very center of the quarter, a modern entertainment complex with a total area of ​​38,700 sq.m. The project is considered one of the largest urban planning in Eastern Siberia. "Modnyy Kvartal" is not just a shopping and entertainment center, but a large-scale facility, with the help of which it was possible to recreate the historical development of the 18th century and successfully integrate the original shopping center into it. An international consulting company Knight Frank acted as an exclusive consultant for concept development, brokerage and object preparation for the opening. One of its units in the future will also manage the SEC and work with tenants of the areas here.

The object is oriented parallel to the construction of the square of the Musical Theater. The complex is located at the intersection of the main pedestrian flows, forming a node. The combined main pedestrian axes form a public space, a recreational zone.

The accepted volumetric-spatial decisions take into account the configuration of the building site and the significant relief difference of the upper and lower marks along the section of 14 meters. The complex is formed by six basic levels, having a different shape in plan, located step-by-step (reception of terracing) with a rise from the street "3rd July" to Sedov street. The height of the floors in the main premises is 3.95 m, 2.75 m in the parking lot.

The opening of the new shopping center "Modnyy Kvartal" was a big event for the Siberians. Now in Irkutsk appeared such brands as "Reeve Ghosh", Calvin Klein Jeans, Mexx, H & M, Reserved. The area of ​​the shopping gallery is almost 50% of the total number of square meters of the mall. Also in "Modnyy Kvartal" there is a multi-screen cinema. One of the anchor tenants was the M.Video household appliances and electronics store, the Slata supermarket (1,400 square meters), the multi-cinema "KINO Quarter" (1,250 square meters), the children's entertainment center PIKABUM (1 100 square meters), as well as a cafe and restaurant area (1,100 square meters). The volume of investments in construction amounted to more than 2 billion rubles. You can get to Modnyy Kvartal from different points - from the street "3rd July" and from the pedestrian bridge leading to the square in front of the musical theater. For car owners there is an entrance from the parking of the complex - from there you can lift in four elevators. The shopping complex can be visited by people with disabilities - the building has roomy elevators and special toilet rooms. For mothers with babies there are also special rooms where you can swaddle a child. Parking, designed for almost 200 seats, will be heated during the cold season.
The complex is equipped with ultramodern air ducts, air conditioning, fire safety, silent escalators and high-speed spacious premium elevators from the German firm ThyssenKrupp. The core of the SEC is an atrium in several levels with a fountain, the spray of which, together with the work of air conditioners, fills the air in the building with coolness and freshness. The atrium is blocked by a glass zenith lamp in the form of a pyramid. With its spacious and full-air galleries "Modnyy Kvartal" invites visitors to a long acquaintance, not for sprinting shopping. In the building you can hide from the heat, sitting on a bench next to an attractive fountain, wander the floors past pavilions with unusual trademark for Irkutsk, think over your future purchases - in short, combine business with pleasure.