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Parking Lot
Shopping Area
6572 sq.m.
Bychkov M.E., Andreyev V.A., Kirsanova A.V., Skomorokhov D.V.
Since the first days of its existence, the Kristall shopping and entertainment complex has won great popularity not only among residents, but also among city guests, due to the variety and high quality of services offered.

A multifunctional building with integrated parking is located in the Oktyabrsky district of Irkutsk at the intersection of Karl Liebknecht and Podgornaya streets. The building plot is located in the zone of strict regulation of development, not higher than 20 meters. The building is a four-story building with a basement floor in which there is a parking lot for 32 cars, technical rooms, and also utility rooms for shops. The ground floor is functionally a shopping area, the so-called «street retail». There are shops of mixed goods, utility rooms, office space, goods loading area, entrance groups, lobbies. The second and third floors — parking for 32 places each. The fourth floor is an administrative block with a conference room. Each functional zone is isolated from the others and, if necessary, it can work autonomously. The need to build car parks in this area is due to the density of the area surrounding residential development.

The name for the entertainment complex was not chosen by chance. A crystal from Greek is a rhinestone that consists of regular symmetric polyhedrons. The shopping and entertainment complex «Crystal» consists of its unique faces, such as bars, cafes, restaurants, bowling, billiards, hookah, disco, fitness center, hotel and a summer terrace with live music and karaoke.