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Block Sections
Type 1 2533 sq. m.
Type 2 2531 sq. m.
Type 3 2260 sq. m.
Total Living Area
47 049 sq.m.
Built-in Buildings
720 sq.m.
STB Project LLC
Belopolskiy A.V.
Gusevsky A.S., Zaika E.S., Skomorokhov D.V.
The site allocated for the construction of the projected residential complex is located in the Zaton area in Irkutsk.
This territory has a huge town-planning significance, as it is geographically located at the confluence of the Irkut and Angara rivers, and is in close proximity to the historic center of the city.
At present, the condition of this territory is unsatisfactory, industrial enterprises, warehouses, facilities for servicing water transport, wooden barrack-type apartment houses are randomly located on it.

The design of residential development is the first step in the integrated development of the territory.
For this purpose, together with the city administration, a concept for the development of the district with a social and business center was developed.
The project involves the construction of nineteen nine-storey houses of three types and built-in attached buildings.

The total living area is 47 049 sq.m.

In terms of the projected building is an orthogonally arranged block-sections, forming three visually closed courtyards, united by pedestrian communication, leading, according to the concept of Zaton’s development, to a kindergarten, school and a social and business center. Access to the residential complex will be created through checkpoints.
Facade solutions: ordinary block sections are simple and strict volumes made of dark brown brick with vertical inserts made of steel beige composite and randomly arranged «French» balconies made of steel composite in white.
The first floors are decorated with a beige composite, and the facades of the corner block sections are made lighter due to the decoration of light steel tones and glass volumes in composite steel panels — the balcony panels are glazed with stained glass windows.

Within the framework of this project it is planned to carry out bank protection and landscaping of the Irkut embankment section, install a pedestrian bridge on the existing island, and place the recreational zone.