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Year Of Construction Of The First Stage
Total Area
280 000 sq.m.
Yanov A.Y., Tretyakov A.D., Skomorokhov D.V.
Current Phase
Construction of the second stage
«Evolution» — is a new residential area of ​​Irkutsk, which meets the most modern ideas of comfort.

The construction of the residential complex is on the western border of Irkutsk, in the Leninsky district. Here, in an ecologically clean place, multi-storey buildings of the new district «Evolution» is building. This is the largest project of Irkutsk development in the last quarter of a century. Its goal is to create a comfortable living environment for those who think about their future and the future of their children. The «Evolution» development project took first place at the city competition «Urban Development 2013».

On a plot of 25 hectares in the Leninsky district there were 52 multi-storey block sections with a height of 9 and 17 floors. The total number of apartments — 3608, the approximate number of residents — 7 000. Construction was conducted in four stages. At the first stage, 27 houses were built, on the second — 25. The first stage was commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2015, the second stage — in the fourth quarter of 2016.

«Evolution» is favorably distinguished by a developed social infrastructure. On the territory of the district, two kindergartens have been built for 220 people each, a school for 1275 places in one shift with its own pool, an indoor and summer sports complex with a stadium (a field for mini-football, jogging tracks, volleyball and basketball courts) grounds, public gardens with walking paths. The new district is quite far from the main highways and industrial zones, so here clean air and low level of technogenic noise.

Another undoubted plus — a large area of ​​gardening.