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Concept of Cesovskaya Embankment
Belopolskiy A.V. Andreyev V.A. Sokolov D.I. Khafizova K.O. Arutyunyan A.A. Zaika E.S.
Built-up Area
4.7 Hectares
Coverage Area
7.71 Hectares
Green Area
2.98 Hectares
Concept Development
Concept of Cesovskaya Embankment
Architectural and town-planning concept of building the territory on the borders of Tsesovskaya Embankment, Surikov, Lenin and Stepan Razin streets in Irkutsk.

This concept suggests changing the «classic» approach. We offer a soft mix of two embankment levels due to the formation of slopes, terraces, slopes and amphitheaters that are water oriented. Using this method, we do not isolate the levels from each other, provide visual and physical communication. A soft «merging» of levels solves several problems: it helps to attract people to a lower level, making it habitable; improved aesthetic characteristics — creating an interesting, elegant silhouette; Sanitation — the southern sun warms freely and illuminates the lower level, which creates favorable conditions for people to stay. The section from Glazkovsky Bridge to Burlova Street is formed on the same level due to the narrowness of the canvas from the construction line to the coast. The style that forms the new embankment was taken in opposition to the «classical» and strict neighboring Nizhnyaya Embankment. Our team establishes the lively and «natural» character of the coastal zone. The idea is to create a park embankment, green recreation, cozy and warm. A plastic wavy line of conditional level separation is organically woven into the traditionally regular building structure, forming a soft silhouette. As part of the pedestrian transit analysis, recreational «backwaters» were invented, which do not interfere with the shortest pedestrian routes between the main transit hubs. Functional zoning is thoughtful in view of the existing and future development of the surrounding area. The alternation of hearts with quiet, open spaces with cozy green island niches, microparks creates many behavioral scenarios. «Wealth», bright emotional flashes that occur along the movement along the embankment, an abundance and variety of green plantings, elements of improvement, small architectural forms — all this creates favorable conditions for other citizens.