Integrated software solutions for the infrastructure of the life cycle: from buildings to bridges, transit to utilities, clean energy for water purification, Bentley is the maintenance of infrastructure.


The main direction - remote management and administration of computers. The development of any product of the company is based on an interesting and useful idea, in the process of work we always listen to the opinion and wishes of our users, and strive to make our programs perfectly suitable for a wide variety of customers.


Firm SANKOM Sp. z o.o. is engaged in the development and distribution of software that can design heating and water supply systems. The company exists in the markets of Central Europe for more than 15 years, and their Russian-language versions of the programs are available for more than 10 years. We use successfully the long-term experience for the development of products that are very popular both in the Polish and Russian markets.


Localized complex solutions for the construction industry, including design and construction, technical support of users, consulting in the selection of construction technologies - these are the main areas of our activity.


Integrated solutions. From the first sketch to the effective management of the building, we supply our users with intelligent information technology. The optimization of the processes occurring during construction throughout the whole value chain plays a huge role.