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Gas station in the village of Meget
Year of Construction
Andreev V.A. (Chief Architect), Budchenko A.V., Bychkov M.E., Lebedev N.V.
Gas station in the village of Meget
The gas station consists of two canopy wings, adjacent to the operator’s building, made in the style of «Bio-Tech».

Support-canopies have a slope towards the road, the right wing of the canopy has a slope towards the forest, and the screw is twisted towards the operator’s side. This technique gives the object a dynamic, aspiring appearance. Unusual form of filling stations is conditioned by the customer’s corporate style — with proximity to the federal highway. Sheds above the filling islands are made of metal structures with supporting wireframe.
Support-canopies — metal pipes, with a diameter of 377mm x 9mm, painted with resistance to environmental corrosive polymer composition. The right wing supports have a maximum slope of 82 °, which, when constructing security arcs around an island with a projected radius of rounding, allowing safe refueling and movement of heavy vehicles. The minimum height of the right wing of the canopy for refueling trucks is 6 m.
The minimum height of the left wing of the canopy with refueling islands for refueling cars is 4.6 m.
The islets of filling areas are faced with crowns of standard sizes of stainless polished steel.

The safety bars are made of the same material.