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Temple of Nevsky
Temple of Nevsky
The temple is located on the territory of the square of the wedge shaped, bounded by the streets of Zakharov and Bezbokov. The location of the site for the construction of the temple is the most successful from the point of view of forming the silhouette of urban development, creating the dominant of the left bank of Irkutsk.

The object is a one-nave, four-pillar, five-domed temple with a three-part structure, a cross-shaped plan, with a built-in belfry. The capacity of the church is 600 parishioners. The temple stands on a stylobate, in which are located service and domestic facilities, modern Sunday school classrooms, a video hall, a library for 4000 volumes (using the best technological methods of storing literature), a reading room, an exhibition hall, guest cells, a museum, as well as premises for parishioners. In the volume of the stylobate there is a temple for daily service with a spacious baptistery and a font. The project provides for maximum conservation of green plantations available on the site due to the placement of all the structures of the complex in the stylobate under the temple.

The Alexander Nevsky temple was designed taking into account the Orthodox canons and modern requirements of normative documentation. Stylistically, the temple is a synthesis of the Russian traditional Orthodox church with a response to the traditions of Siberian temple construction and modern trends and technologies in architecture and construction.
The strictness and austerity of the facades of the temple conveys the spirit of the defending warrior of the primordially Russian land. The location of the temple on a pedestal, an artificial hill-stylobate gives the complex a monumental, town-planning significance.