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Irkutsk City
Irkutsk City
At the core of the Irkutsk City project is the idea of ​​a «New Center», the center of business activity that unites business, living and leisure, this is a fundamentally new habitat. The area is characterized by a favorable location of the direction of the city’s transport highways. The new business district is inscribed in the main transport arteries of the city — Piskunova Street, which acquires a new status in the city, in connection with the reconstruction of roads, becomes a two-level one; street Baikalskaya, which today is one of the busiest highways of urban importance; Sedov street — the so-called «Baikal Ray»; Trilissera Street. Location «Irkutsk City» on the hill creates an attractive silhouette in the construction of the city, especially from the opposite bank of the Angara.

The quarter consists of four 22-storey towers, each of which is located on its three-story stylobate, as well as a cinema-concert hall, hotel and office buildings of various storeys, three-story shopping complexes located along the Baikal. In the underground part there is a parking for 1450 cars and technical rooms. The total area of ​​the quarter is more than 134,000 sq.m.

The heart of the quarter is four pointed towers, which, according to the idea, are associated with the glaciers of Lake Baikal. The image of the ice blocks that have come to the surface convey the harsh spirit of the sacred lake, at the same time symbolizing the crystal clearness of the decisions made within the walls of the complex, the clarity and transparency of the policy pursued by the city administration. The stylobate part of the complex is to be filled with a shopping and entertainment function, consisting of an exhibition, entertainment and entertainment zones, including exhibitions, catering enterprises, shopping and entertainment facilities, galleries and restaurants. A public square is developed around the towers of the business district. From the side of Sedov Street, the square is intended for holding cultural and mass events: holidays, military parades and carnivals. For the convenience of citizens there are stops for public transport. From the side of Baikalskaya street a well-organized recreation area with fountains and lawns for recreation of residents and guests of the city is organized.