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Year Of Construction
Total Area
12 700 sq.m.
Serviko LLC
Andreev V.A. (Chief Architect), Kirsanov A.N., Bychkov M.E., Samodaeva L.P., Gorbatenko I.G.
The projected multi-purpose building with a built-in car park is located in the Oktyabrsky district of Irkutsk at the intersection of Karl Liebknecht and Podgornaya streets. The construction of a multi-level car park in this development area is caused by the following factors: the density of the surrounding residential development of the district — hence the acute shortage of parking spaces, compensation for the lack of parking spaces for the administrative block and the shops of the facility itself. The design was carried out taking into account the town-planning situation of the construction site as part of the historically developed urban environment. The compact location of the building contributes to the maximum preservation of existing green spaces and the creation of a comfortable environment for business and leisure.

The building is a four-storeyed building with a basement of overall dimensions in the axes of 73.3 m. (Northeast facade), 43.2 m. From the side of Podgornaya street, 19.3 m high. The object is organically inscribed into the urban context of the site, reflecting the existing road structure and successfully operating well-established pedestrian communications street Karl Liebknecht. The building consists of 4 functional zones horizontally: car wash for 20 posts in the basement of the building, parking space on the second and third floor, public and commercial space on the first floor, the administrative block is located on the fourth floor. Each functional area is isolated from the rest and has independent exits from the building, and, if necessary, can be operated autonomously. The building is divided into 3 seismic compartments. The height of the floor is 3.4 m clean.