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Year of Construction
LLC «Tzimes and Partners»
Andreyev V.A. (Chief Architect)
Belyayeva K.O.
Bychkov M.E.
Semenova E.V.
The projected administrative building with underground parking is located in the Oktyabrsky district of Irkutsk, in the immediate vicinity of Sedov Street, with it will be provided with maximum visibility. The construction of the administrative building in this building plot is due to the promising development of the area, as a center of trade and business activity. The design was carried out taking into account the urban planning situation of the construction site as part of the historically established urban environment. Compact location on the site contributes to the maximum preservation of existing green spaces and create a comfortable environment. The building is a five-story volume of broken configuration with a basement. The object is organically inscribed in the urban planning context, reflecting the existing road infrastructure and successfully utilizing established pedestrian connections. The building consists of two functional areas: parking and basement, and offices.