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The Molecular Diagnostics Center accepted the first patient in April 1998. Initially, the Center was organized as a molecular biological laboratory and was the only one in Eastern Siberia where PCR diagnostics was performed at a high professional level. The staff consisted of six people. Within a year we opened our CMD in the cities of Angarsk and Bratsk. And after a while, diagnostic examination was supplemented by a doctor’s reception in the specialties of gynecology, urology, dermatovenereology, cardiology, and neurology. therapy. Today, the Irkutsk City Molecular Diagnostic Center is the first category medical institution providing services from primary counseling to the dynamic observation and treatment of the patient and his family members.

Medical staff is about three hundred people. Of these, 19 candidates of medical sciences, two doctors of medical sciences, about 50 doctors have the highest category. The Center opened its own modern clinic, in 2012 opened another CMD in Irkutsk, in 2013 new BMDs will be opened in Bratsk and Irkutsk (the «Solnechny» micro district).

The center of molecular diagnostics has a powerful modern base, the equipment is purchased, as a rule, from the best manufacturers. For example, «IONOSON EXPERT» (Germany), the device «Surgitron» (USA), which with the help of radio wave treatment treats various neoplasms of the skin and mucous urinary tract. A modern ultrasound scanner with sonoelastography allows a high-level study of pregnant women, pelvic organs, abdominal cavity, milk and thyroid glands and to detect tumors at the earliest stage. For a thorough examination of the mammary glands, a microwave mammogram was purchased, a rheoencephalograph was used to study the blood supply to the brain.

The Irkutsk city center of molecular diagnostics constantly takes part in the exhibitions «Sibs Healthcare», it has many diplomas. Participated in the specialized exhibition «Medicine. Health Care-2008 «(Republic of Buryatia). He was awarded a cup for the introduction of innovative technologies for diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases.